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The Mysterious Demesne of Dom Perestrelo

The landowner Dom Perestrelo is offering adventurers a unique opportunity: the chance to become the owners of a vast area of land. However, the conditions that come with the offer aren’t for just anyone, and the adventurers will have to defeat the treacherous Motucus, face the terrifying Phantom Cat and deal with the other supernatural perils that plague The Mysterious Demesne of Dom Perestrelo.

Full colour PDF, 32 pages 

Price: US$10

The Curse of Ipaúna

An adventure of exploration and horror for The Elephant & Macaw Banner Roleplaying Game.

 The archives of the Society of Jesus contain a mysterious letter, which tells of a group of some
fifty Frenchmen who entered the salt marsh beyond Uruçumirim and were never seen again.
The letter also speaks of a ‘great treasure’ brought by Captain Remy LaSalle, leader of the

In the years since, no banner company has found this supposed treasure.
Will your group succeed?

Or will they simply become the latest victims of the Curse of Ipaúna?


Full colour PDF, 32 pages 

Price: US$10



The Royal Captaincy of Rio de Janeiro


The Royal Captaincy of Rio de Janeiro sourcebook for The Elephant & Macaw Banner Roleplaying Game. 

This PDF contains 95 pages, including information on colonial Rio de Janeiro in the EAMB setting, monsters and magic of the region, PLUS a grand adventure, 'The Restoration of France Antarctique.'

This adventure is designed for The Elephant & Macaw Banner RPG and is suitable for any tabletop roleplaying game that includes, or can accommodate: 

  • Pirates
  • Magic
  • Monsters
  • Wild pigs
  • Annoying but helpful spirits
  • Jungle treks
  • Mermaids with undersea palaces

Price: US$10.99


The Malandros rulebook as a bookmarked PDF, plus a character sheet and play aids. 

Price: US$10.97

The Song of Aurora Smith

A storygame love--letter to The Ballad of Halo Jones, basically. 

You all start out as teenage girls in the 50th century, living in the Loop. One of you will be the legendary figure one day known as Aurora Smith. But we won’t know who until the end.

The game has a card-driven mechanic and is played in three main parts, one for each Book.

  • Book 1 is set in the Loop - an offshore habitat for unemployed citizens, who live a life of enforced leisure and retail therapy
  • Book 2 follows the girls into space, where they work on an interstellar cruise liner
  • Book 3 takes place 10 years later, on the front lines of a guerrilla interstellar war

In each Book, you face a number of Challenges. Each challenge is “owned” by one player. They describe the details of the Challenge, narrate related events, and portray the people involved as necessary.

After Book 3 comes the Epilogue, with which the game concludes. 

2-5 players

Typical playtime 2-3.5 hours


Price: US$5


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