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altFrom the award-winning author Christopher Kastensmidt

Explore a world of Brazilian fantasy, full of adventure, magic and monsters, where you will find endless opportunity to invent new stories.




Revolution Comes to the Kingdom


Action, stealth, propaganda and the mythic underworld

Revolution Comes to the Kingdom (RCTK) is a tabletop roleplaying game about a small, fictional country undergoing a civil war in the years following World War 2. Your characters must travel to each of the eight valleys, lead the people there to a spiritual awakening, and confront the monsters that lurk in the dreamlike catacombs beneath each valley. Only then will the Kingdom truly be free. 

It’s a game of difficult journeys, raids, prison breaks, mercenaries working for mining conglomerates, captured radio transmitters, code books, Soviet and CIA minders, sniffer dogs barking along the bank of a river. It's also a game of spiritual awakening, daring explorations of ancient places, visions of awe and terror, and struggle against the Eight Evil Thoughts. 

RCTK is in active development, and the core rules, "Playing the Game", are available free as a beta release. All three sections - Playing the Game (core rules), A Welcome in the Hillsides (setting), and GM's Toolkit - are available to Patreon supporters at 

Need an adventure to run? Try Ketiga Valley & the Sunken Ruins, a sandbox excerpted from the setting section of Revolution Comes to the Kingdom



The Order of the Last

With the greatest of our fears close behind and the most forlorn of hopes ahead, we set off into perilous lands... 

The Order of the Last is a module for Dungeon World that lets you play out the saga of a desperate journey guided by faith. 

Take up the mantle of the Standard-BearerDefenderDevoutSamaritanHerald, or the Vision of the Eagle. Ride with your fellow survivors, the remnant of a once-glorious knightly order. 

Perhaps you really can lead the people of the Caravan to safety and freedom. Perhaps you’ll die out there, or simply lose faith and give up. 

Let’s play to find out. 















Rio de Janeiro at the end of the 19th century: a city of slums and palaces, street gangs and tycoons, magic charms and outlawed martial arts. Cunning, bohemian and streetwise, the malandro walks its streets without fear - because there's always a way out.

Malandros is a tabletop roleplaying game based on the award-winning DramaSystem rules engine. It's a game of personal struggles and interpersonal dramas.

You play characters in a tight-knit community caught up in tumultuous times: gang leaders, captains of industry, fishermen, martial artists, swindlers and more.

You all know each other - you're family, friends, rivals or enemies, all living in the same part of town. You all want something from each other. Maybe it's respect, maybe it's love. Maybe it's fear, or something else. 

Will you get what you want? That's what we're here to find out.



Grim Hunt: A Dungeon World Adventure


Welcome to the Grim Hunt!

Lead your adventuring party into an intriguing chase through the streets of a distant port city, where the greatest challenge will be to tell your allies from your enemies. Grim Hunt is an adventure for Dungeon World in which the heroes hunt for a spy, before they can flee the kingdom with secrets that will start a great and terrible war.

In this book, you will find:
- Three Adventure Fronts
- Questions to get your PCs into the story
- A map of the city of Enseada
- Descriptions of the people and places of Enseada
- Five new "Epithets" (think of them as socially-focused compendium classes, maybe): Noble, Drifter, Wanted, Radiant and Dark



UED: You Are The Resistance











A game of science fiction, survival and glory written by Julio Matos and Fabiano Saccol.

An RPG about desperate combat and scarce resources.

A post-apocalyptic setting where the remnants of the human race, soundly defeated by an extraterrestrial invasion, try to survive in an age of snow and ice, to recover the technology of the past and to reclaim their home.

This RPG will take you to a cruel and bloody future where humans are no longer the dominant species on the planet.

Of all that remains of humanity, you are the resistance!




"UED has several really interesting pieces of game tech. Each attribute has a dice pool. When you roll a die from that, you remove it. When you run out you have to return to rest, take shelter, or resupply. ... It's very well done: good layout and smart graphic elements. The system's interesting and handles resources in a novel way. It also includes pre-gens and a sample adventure. Recommended."

Lowell Francis, Age of Ravens



- The LOST DICE system. Every Attribute (from d4 to d12) has a Reserve of dice - each time you roll one, set it aside. Once they're all gone, you're out of resources. You need to get home or get to shelter and resupply. So choose your actions carefully.

- The 4 professions: play a Soldier, Mechanic, Researcher or Survivor. Each has special abilities that you can unlock as you go up in Rank.

- Improve your Haven. Your successes and failures determine the Morale back home. When things go well, you can upgrade your Haven's levels in Technology or Morale, which give you more and better supplies for future missions into the outside world.

- Optional advanced combat: an appendix containing more detailed rules on fighting and managing your environment suit's life support, detection and operational systems for groups that enjoy more crunch in combat.

- Print & play figure flats: 3 pages of cardboard minis - representing your Runners and the wild animals, human Renegades or alien Invaders they face, plus hex maps and terrain counters.

- Pre-generated PCs: five Runners ready to play, the Iron Fangs of ZION Haven.

- Introductory adventure: The First Mission. Your Haven's leading Runner team went out to contact another nearby settlement. Only one of them made it back - and he died before he could tell anyone what happened. Now it's time for you and your squad to step up and find out what went wrong.


UED: You Are The Resistance was the smash hit of 2013 in Brazil's lively and diverse roleplaying scene. Now, thanks to this English-language edition, you can get in on the post-apocalyptic alien-fighting action without having to learn Portuguese!

UED is powered by the Lost Dice system, in which every roll you make means one die fewer in your reserves. The result is rising tension over the course of your mission, as you try to succeed and survive with dwindling resources. 

You set out into the frozen wastelands with your team of Runners, with heated exploration suits and the best equipment your Haven can provide. You're carrying messages, searching for supplies or looking for a way to beat the Invaders. But the world of ice is a dangerous place and chances are you won't all make it home. Wild animals, human Renegades, the robotic Invaders, the biting cold - all of these could kill you.

Against the Unknown


Hardboiled detectives. Wartime spies. Investigators of the uncanny.

Such are the intrepid heroes of AGAINST THE UNKNOWN! 

Against the Unknown is a streamlined take on the GUMSHOE system, preserving its investigative core while speeding up character creation and play.


Against the Unknown is not currently available for sale. 


You can download a character sheet, player reference sheet,
and GM's guide (including scenario and NPC guidelines) here.


"I rather enjoyed this - subtly concise." - Simon Rogers, Pelgrane Press

"Against the Unknown is a well done game and I'd really recommend it to beginning DMs that know enough about the 1920s (history, pulp, hardboiled-fiction, Lovecraft, etc.) to fill a setting with flavor text. ... I'd suggest checking out the bundle No Feet to Follow Us, No Hands to Strike Us because it's a lovely combination of a Weird Tales story, a follow up adventure and the rules themselves, all in one sweet package." - Jens D., The Disoriented Ranger


Impossible Missions

Impossible Missions is a role-playing game of 1960s espionage that I originally wrote way back in 2001 or thereabouts. 

In 2013, I rediscovered the old files, revised things a little, and put the game online in a new, improved PDF edition. 

Using a simple D6 dice pool system, you play agents of a crack government organisation employed only when all other routes have failed. The only other agents known to an operative will be those within their own cell. For all you know, yours may be the only cell in the agency. Use whatever means you deem necessary to complete the mission. Success is all that matters.


Impossible Missions is not currently available for sale. 


"Simple, yet well written. This book (and the GM Guide) can easily be used to create ANY modern secret organization RPG."
- Reyaht G., DriveThruRPG customer





Misteriosamente sozinho na cidade, vocês devem cooperar para sobreviver ou aprender a verdade.

Ontem, o 31 de maio, você estava em Mongkok até altas horas. O MTR estava ja fechado, portanto depois meia-noite você pegou o minibus vermelho para Aberdeen. Por volta da uma da manhã, o minibus entrou o Western Tunnel abaixo de Victoria Harbour. Não houve outros veículos indo para sul. Você viu um policial em uma moto indo para o norte, e depois dele um caminhão grande.


Quando o minibus saiu do túnel, todos haviam desaparecido. Mesmo naquela hora de noite, normalmente uns carros estaria nos caminhos, trabalhadores estaria fazendo entregas e estaria pessoas nos muitos 7-Elevens de Hong Kong. Mas não foi como normal. Hong Kong foi desocupado.


Você falou com as outras pessoas no minibus e resolveram ir ao destinação final em Aberdeen, voltar as suas casas, e se encontrarem no largo central de Aberdeen na manhã se a situação não estivesse resolvida.


É 9h no dia 1 de Junho. Onde está todo mundo?