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New releases for The Elephant & Macaw Banner: Player's guide and Legend of the Golden Condor

Hong Kong, 24 March 2019 — 

The Elephant & Macaw Banner Roleplaying Game launches with Player's Guide and adventure

Porcupine Publishing is proud to announce the launch of the first English-language materials for The Elephant & Macaw Banner Roleplaying Game!


Player's Guide

Containing the first 60 pages of The Elephant & Macaw Banner Roleplaying Game!

This PDF has everything you need to play your first sessions in this fantastical setting, exploring 16th-century Brazil and its monstrous and magical secrets. The complete EAMB RPG will be released later, and this pay-what-you-want preview gives you the entire first chapter of the full rulebook as a preview. 

The Elephant & Macaw Banner is an award-winning fiction series that tells the adventures of the Dutchman Gerard van Oost and the Yoruba Oludara during their travels through a fantastic version of sixteenth-century Brazil. These stories, based on Brazilian history and folklore, have been enjoyed by readers around the world.

Now it’s time to immerse yourself in this world of Brazilian fantasy, a setting full of adventure, magic and monsters, in which you will find endless opportunity to invent new stories. Create your own heroes and have your own adventures in this magical world!

What you'll find in the Player's Guide: 

  • The Elephant & Macaw Baner Roleplaying Game's basic system

  • Character creation 

  • Skills, crafts and professions of 1576 Brazil

  • A surprisingly large collection of period musical instruments

  • Battle Resolution: an easy-to-use yet engrossing combat system

  • Magical & miraculous powers: three forms of superntural power, namely the Divine Graces given to devout followers of the Church; the Powers of Breath mastered by native shamans; the Powers of Ifá, used through techniques of divination and mysticism fro West Africa.   

  • A lot of full-colour, breathtakingly beautiful artwork 


Click here to get the PDF on 



The Legend of the Golden Condor

An indigenous legend describes a sacred grotto, filled with gold, in the unexplored lands of the interior. Many have already disappeared in search of this treasure. The noble Dom Casimiro de Lucena, however, believes that this story is really a clue to the whereabouts of an object far more valuable than gold. When he also disappears, will your group of adventurers be able to follow in the footsteps of Dom Casimiro and unravel this centuries-old mystery?

The Legend of the Golden Condor is the first adventure for The Elephant & Macaw Banner Roleplaying Game. It's set in the jungles of Brazil in the year 1576, and you can play it in one or two sessions. It's full of fun material you can use in the EAMB setting or with any fantasy game with pre-modern tech levels, including: 

  • A 7-point pointcrawl for the adventurers to explore from a derelict fortress outpost to a shaman's camp, to a mummy's tomb and a terrifying swamp

  • The pursuit of a villainous nobleman whom you need to bring back alive to claim your reward 

  • Creatures and magic from the folklore of Brazil (and beyond!), such as the evil Corpo-Seco ('Dry-Body) tree monsters 

  • 5 pre-generated player characters with troubled pasts and adventure in their souls

The Legend of the Golden Condor is ideal for beginners but also offers a new and unfamiliar setting for experienced fantasy gamers.


Click here to purchase the PDF on 


Character sheets and printable paper miniatures are available online at


For more information on these and other Porcupine Publishing titles, visit 


Coming soon from Porcupine: The Elephant and Macaw Banner!

Porcupine Publishing licenses worldwide rights in English

for the RPG of The Elephant and Macaw Banner


HONG KONG, 01 October 2018 - This week, the series The Elephant and Macaw Banner sealed its second major licensing deal in two months, this time with Porcupine Publishing, a publisher of RPG books based in Hong Kong. Porcupine has an affinity with products related to Brazil; in 2016, Porcupine published Malandros, a game set in 19th-century Rio de Janeiro that was shortlisted for the Indie Groundbreaker awards. In the same year, it published UED: You Are the Resistance, a game created by Brazilians Julio Matos and Fabiano Saccol.


The Elephant and Macaw Banner began as a series of fantasy stories set in colonial Brazil. The stories have received nominations for the Nebula Award and other international awards. The Elephant & Macaw Banner RPG was released in Brazil in late 2017 and was an instant success, selling out its initial print run in just three months.


Christopher Kastensmidt, author of the series, says: "It is an honour to be able to work with Porcupine, a company that, in a few years of existence, has already published a number of daring and important works in its field. They contacted me very enthusiastically to offer The Elephant & Macaw Banner system to the international market. Porcupine believes in the project, which for me makes this partnership very enjoyable. "



Thomas McGrenery, founder of Porcupine and winner of the Ennie Award for Best Podcast for "Fear of a Black Dragon", writes: "Making the English edition of The Elephant & Macaw Banner RPG is a very exciting project. Like the stories that inspired it, the roleplaying game offers adventure and wonder, exploring a vibrant natural environment, a unique meeting of historical cultures and a rich tapestry of folklore, all of which deserve to be better known in the English-speaking world. It’s a real privilege to present in English the outstanding work that created the original Brazilian edition. "


This contract follows only six weeks after the announcement of a partnership with Guardbridge Books to publish the novel that inspired the RPG in English. The series is also on sale in China (through Douban Read), Spain (through Sportula) and Brazil (through Devir Livraria). A digital game based on the series is being developed to be released in 2020.


Quotes about the The Elephant and the Macaw Banner RPG:


"A beautiful Brazilian RPG that is an instant classic."

- NerdDestilado


"In EAMB historical Brazil meets the fantastic Brazil, where national myths and legends come to life, unlikely heroes arise and the most exciting adventures come true. It is the idealization of a universe that takes pride in being Brazilian. "

- André Cruz, O Velhinho do RPG


"The Elephant and Macaw Banner RPG takes you to a spectacular colonial Brazil, where myths and legends are real and challenges await those with the imagination and the courage to face them."

- Marcelo Telles, RedeRPG


"The Elephant and Macaw Banner reminds us of a fantastic universe that should be known to all Brazilians, masterfully rescuing our rich mythology and folklore, taking players on a journey not only for great adventures, but also for their own cultural identity."

- Dmitri Gadelha, history professor, founder of Vila do RPG


Covers of the Brazilian edition of the RPG:


Porcupine Publishing covers:



About Porcupine Publishing

Porcupine Publishing is a publisher based in Hong Kong. Founded in 2015, it specialises in roleplaying games and supplementary materials, creating both original works and licensed translations.


About The Elephant & Macaw Banner

The Elephant and Macaw Banner is an internationally recognised Brazilian fantasy series. The stories tell of the adventures of the Dutchman Gerard van Oost and the Yoruba Oludara, a pair of heroes who first meet in Salvador, Bahia in the 16th century. In Brazil, the stories, comics and RPG system have been adopted by schools in several states.

News, art and cultural references can be found on the website


About Christopher Kastensmidt

Christopher is an American who has been based in Porto Alegre since 2001. Former director of Southlogic Studios and Ubisoft, he is the author of comics, games and books published around the world.


Malandros crowdfunding in Spanish

Spanish Malandros cover

The Spanish-language edition of Malandros is currently crowdfunding on Verkami, under the auspices of The Hills Press! 

To see the campaign and support the project, go to

The Verkami project runs for another 39 days, after which PDF delivery is expected in September, with print books following in October or November. 



Poor Amongst the Stars - a new setting for Malandros

Jaye foster has released Poor Amongst the Stars – the first supplement for the game that someone volunteered to write without me having to ask them first! You can get it here on the Porcupine DriveThruRPG page:

Here's the product summary: 

These corridors and decks are all you’ve known your entire life. It’s all your parents knew, it’s all your children will know. As the ship you’re in glides through the cold black vacuum of space you have to deal with the reality of being Poor Amongst the Stars.

Poor Amongst the Stars is a setting for Malandros that takes the players below decks on a generational starship. Where other games focus on the heroic deeds of the senior officers, Poor Amongst the Stars is about the powerless and unimportant characters aboard ship. Their struggles to improve conditions, gain respect or find romance are the core stories of the game. Malandros’ superb dramatic interaction system turns the conflicts within a community that lives in a confined space into a compelling narrative.

The book places the players in control of the stories and makes the creation of setting central to the game. Every ship and every game is different as the players decide what is important to their stories and what gives the character's lives meaning. Are they humanity's last hope or a bold first step into interstellar space? Is the spaceship a utopia of science and technology or an over-crowded slum where the bare necessities are an everyday struggle? Poor Amongst the Stars allows the players to explore the best and worst of humanity in a unique setting. The book adapts the classic People You Meet and Signature Moves of Malandros from the streets of Imperial Rio to the corridors of your personalised starship.

Trapped in the vast darkness of interstellar space, humanity must find a new way to live. What will you discover when you play Poor Amongst the Stars?

This title comes with a copy of the Malandros Free Edition PDF so that you have everything you need to play in one package.

Malandros nominated for Indie Groundbreaker Award

The Malandros RPG has been nominated for the Best Setting category in the upcoming Indie Groundbreaker Awards! It's in some stellar company including Lovecraftesque, #Feminism and the Magischola LARP. 

Winners will be announced at this year's GenCon.


You can find the announcement of all the nominees at:

Merry Christmas - here's an early gift!

To celebrate the festive season, I am making The Sydney Razor Gangs available free of charge. 

It's a 26-page PDF supplement for Malandros (which itself has a free online version at ), containing setting material about Sydney's underworld in the 1920s and 30s, new rules, NPCs and six ready-to-run Player Characters: each and every one of them a real person involved in the "Razorhurst" underworld of the era. 

Download your free copy of the Sydney Razor Gangs at


Malandros in the Bundle of Holding

Now's a great time to get Malandros -- head to
where it's part of a collection of great indie games at an extraordinary price, along with the São Roque quickstart supplement.

Even if you already have it, here's what else you'll find in the Bundle...

For just US$4.95 you get all three games in the Starter Collection (retail value $32) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks:

ViewScream 2E 
Western City

And if you pay more than the threshold price (currently at $13.20), you'll level up and also get the entire Bonus Collection of eight more titles (retail value $49):

Malandros (Includes the São Roque city setting)
Eternal Contenders
Nørwegian Style
Worlds Without Maste
r issues 4-7 (inc 3 complete games)

The threshold price is based on the average amount paid, so the sooner you buy, the better the bargain!

Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to this offer's designated charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Malandros in print + supplements

You can now buy Malandros as a softcover or hardcover book!

Also available are the first two PDF supplements for the game: Other Borders, Tod Foley's magical realist modern-day setting near the Mexican border, and Aluminium Wars, Mark Galeotti's 1990s Russian setting, taking your game into the cut-throat world of opportunity that was post-Soviet Krasnoyarsk.

To find out more, go to


Malandros - PDF available

Malandros is now available in PDF for US$10 (or $9 if you post on social media about it first).

Click here to buy it via Payhip:



Against the Unknown: free reference PDFs

Play resources for Against the Unknown are now available for free download.

The folder contains three PDFs:

  • a blank character sheet
  • a player's reference sheet, with the key rules contained on a single page
  • the Against the Unknown GM's guide, which contains advice on running the game, setting up NPCs, and how to make a pulp scenario in a hurry

To download these files, go HERE.

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